About Me

Hey there! My name’s Tyler Stembridge and I’m 23 years old. I love adventure, and try to live my life as actively and purposefully as I can. I also love capturing the world around me on film, and sharing it with all y’all. Enjoy!

A little about myself:
I spent the first half of my childhood climbing trees, digging tunnels and jumping my bike in Buford, Georgia. My family moved to Central Illinois when I was nine; it was there that I learned how to play the cello and got my first horse.

In my early teens I started borrowing my older brother’s camera and taking pictures of coworkers at the truck farm I was working at part-time. It wasn’t long before I got a camera of my own – a Nikon D40.

My passion for photography diminished after I graduated from highschool and started working full time in construction, but was reignited when my brother gave me his old film camera. After getting the first roll developed I absolutely fell in love with film photography.

Now I shoot on a Nikon N80 with 35mm and 50mm lenses.

Random facts:
•At one point I had a couple horses, one of whom was a mini horse named Spirit.
•I’m married to the most awesome wife in the world!
•Fixies are my life.
•I love hole-in-the-wall coffee shops.
•Early American history (1770’s through 1870’s) intrigues me.
•I was born in North Carolina.
•I’ve played the cello since 2001.